Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"What Means The Most"

The other day when someone asked me
"Are you living your dream? "
I didn't know what to say
I honestly had to think
I try to be so many places at the same time
Every day a million things cluttering up my mind
Another feather falling off my wings
I climb so high it gets hard to breathe
Forget to remember what I really need

What means the most to me
Is waking up next to you
Feel the morning breeze
You're my favorite thing and I love
Coming home to your arms
When you kiss me hello
It's these simple things
That mean the most to me
That mean the most to me, yeah

Every time I have to leave
I feel like I am leaving a part of me
You're the only place I wanna be
Well nothing else matters I just lose focus
When you're not around you're still the only one I notice
I can't help the way I feel
It doesn't matter if I win or lose

'Cause what means the most to me
Is waking up next to you
When you're holding me
And have a little time to play
In your arms, race your heart, laugh 'til it gets dark
It's these simple things that mean the most to me

No more days far away where I miss you
No more nights trying to fall asleep without you
From now on I'm always gonna be there
I won't miss another day that we won't share
I'll be there

'Cause you mean the most to me

Oh, you mean the most to me
Now that I'm here with you
I will stay by your side
I won't leave you this time
Oh no

The next time that someone asks me
"Are you living your dream? "
I guess I'll know what to say
I won't even have to think

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i weally weally do :-*

Happy Valentine's Day, Baby!

I looked high and low and finally found your Valentine's Day Chocolates!!! :-O I was sooooo excited when i saw them on the shelf! I couldn't wait to get home to see your face when I gave them too you <3 I also couldn't help but think about what it would be like to feed one to you and to then have one of your amazingggggg chocolatey kisses.


I had a really hard time trying to decide which flowers to get you, so I made a compromise of sorts....I got you some of our favorites all in one bouquet!  I got Stargazers, and Gerber Daisies, and Roses all in one! And I happen to think they look beautiful together...just like us.

One thing I didn't have trouble with is what to get for dinner....First.....we shall have a feast of shrimp cocktail, lobster, and filet mignons....

and then we will follow that up by trying out our new fondue pot and making some chocolate covered strawberries and having a champagne toast by our softly crackling fire.

 and when we are ready, we will walk hand in hand to OUR ROOM in OUR HOME and we will climb into OUR BED .... TOGETHER....and we will show each other just how much we love each other with every kiss, every touch, and every look....I love you so very very much and I am so incredibly thankful to share my life with you.....

Will you be my Valentine? Now and Always?