Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Sadie....A Love that bonds all our hearts together forever...

Today.... Saturday September 24, 2011 you, Sadie Evans, left your mama here on earth, just when you were meant to.

A mama who loved you with all her heart and whose days were always brightened with that beautiful Sadie smile
 and your incredible zest for life.

You had such a wonderful time experiencing what it was like to be a house dog and you loved it so. You are so smart and adapted so quickly to being inside and enjoying every minute of it.

You'd run through the door, roll on your back and wait for those adorable belly rubs you loved so much, with your tail wagging a mile a minute and your mama's foot moving back and forth on your white little belly.

You'd run in circles in the kitchen, overjoyed to see your mama and you'd know her loving hands were about to feed your hungry belly.

You'd get so happy when it was time to hop up into the truck for a loved being your mama's travel partner and she loved looking over at you sitting there so much that she turned into the paparazzi taking pictures of you smiling, hanging your head out the window and wagging your cute little tail.

You'd run around your yard at Sadie lightening speed ...all the while trying to go real fast with those little short legs, having the time of your life. I can still hear your mama saying.... "Sadie, you're such a silly little dog" as you ran around her feet and back out into the yard again.

You'd stick your cute nose in the snow when you had that "big"snowfall in GA a few years bounced around in it and had a ball.

You'd love when mama would say "come on Sadie, time for bed" and you would run and get your baby ....your little blue monkey, then come trotting into the bedroom filled with happiness and love all ready to snuggle up on that comfy bed your mama bought for you. You and your baby slept so well on your soft, cozy bed. Then you and mama would snore in unison all night long.

I never got to meet you Sadie and as I sit here at this computer typing these words my eyes are full of tears. I am sad because your mama misses you and I'm sad because your physical body isn't here with her anymore. I was talking to your mama when you took your last breath and she held you in her arms as she cried so very hard. She kissed you and told you how much she loved you as you peacefully began to lay still.  Even though I didn't get the chance to hold you, pet you, kiss you and play with you....somehow and on some level I feel like we did meet and my heart is full of love for you. 

I know you are at peace now and no longer struggling and I  know that Katie called you home. You knew when she left that you would be together someday and today she welcomes you home with lots of love and kisses. 

You are such a happy little dog and you brought so much happiness to everyone around you. You even brought me a lot of happiness from all these miles away. It doesn't even sound right calling you a dog when you were like a little puppy all the time. 

Both your spirit and Katie's spirit will forever live in our hearts. Run and play with your mama now Sadie, she missed you so much and she couldn't be happier to have you back home with her. Now, you two will never have to be apart again.

Katie Bug and Sadie Bug ..... together forever....

P.S. I promise you from the bottom of my heart that I will take good care of your human mama and I know you always felt the abundance of love she has for you. That will never change. 

Rest, love and play in peace Sweet, Sweet Sadie....
We love you....always!<3333

Thank you for being here with me today to help me say goodbye to the sweetest puppy in the world. I love you so very, very much.

RIP, my sweet, sweet Peagle.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Holding hands and playing with your fingers is one of my favorite things

So damn cute I had to put it on there twice!

OMG I cant stand it!

OMG I cant stand it!

and thissssssss is beyond frightening!

This scares me :-|

IMU :(

All is possible with you by my side

Thank you for your endless love and support when I feel like giving up.