Thursday, December 1, 2011


.... i know you don't believe it - and i may not believe it if i had been hurt by you the way you had been hurt by me from the get go - i know that you are angry and frustrated and hurt right now too....and so am i. i never thought after all we had been through or all we have talked about that i would see you say the things you did tonight and to do it the way you did it. i love you more than you even understand or want to let yourself really see - i'm not perfect...i never will be...and i know this isn't about me - i'm not playing some pity card - i'm not making any excuses. i have not always shown you the best of me but i really think you have seen it in me - i know you have because you would never have been here this long or told me the words i love you in return if you hadn't.

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